May 14, 2018 – meeting minutes

Wooten Park
President David Bouchard Presiding
Meeting Called to order at 7:007pm

Approval of March minutes

David called for approval of minutes
Motion was made
Adam Turner second the motion
Motion Passed

Wooten Neighborhood Planning Contact Team (WNPCT) notice of meeting – Adam Turner

Meeting will be held at Shu Shu’s on Monday, May 21 at 7:00 pm.


City Council Update – Michael Gaudini

Future Land Use Maps (FLUM) for Wooten are available and should match the current land use map. Michael provided one-pagers summarizing issues related to Code Next. The one-pagers covered topics such as:
– how to engage with Code Next
– District 7 and Code Next
– Key Concepts
– and more
These one-pagers are available at www.D7ATX.com

An update on the Bond was provided. Recent activities related to the bond include:
– Fairfield speedbump
– Pedestrian hybrid beacon on Anderson
– Another project is in the works for Kromer

Site in District 7 is being considered for a soccer stadium. The site is 23 acres and north of Kramer. Pool’s office is not interested in subsiding the stadium and is instead looking for a community benefit such as improvements to public transportation (Upgrades to the Metrorail stations).

A public forum regarding the City’s new strategic plan is going to be held in District 7 in late June.

Q: parking around Crestview station is still an issue. It is also not easy to access as a pedestrian.
A:  Looking at Austin Energy property across from the station as a potential solution.


WNA Treasury Report – Marylin Rogers

General Funds  – $1,827.81
Park Funds – $1,017.06
Savings – $25

Current membership at 29 people.


Park Updates – Steve Rogers and David Bouchard

Update on Austin Park Foundation Grant was provided. Construction on the pavilion and bench has begun! Anticipated to be completed in Summer of 2018.

Recommendation to have a grand opening event when the Pavilion’s construction is completed.


Good News – Dixie Davis

Update on the newsletter was provided. Currently, the newsletter is available electronically. There are efforts underway to recruit sponsors to cover printing cost. Topics covered in the newsletter would include meals and wheels.

CapMetro is updating bus routes to be more frequent beginning on June 3rd. Free rides were offered from June 3- 9th to all and rides are free all summer for those 18 years old or younger. Representatives are available to provide a presentation on the changes to service if requested. To learn more about the service changes visit www.capmetro.org/june2018/

Runoff voting will occur in mid-May.

Autumn and Melinda volunteered to plan the next Wootennany. Buddies was recommended as the location to host the event.


Austin Police Department Updates – Officer Chapman and Commander Mason

Massage parlors are being targeted more frequently.

Q:  What tools does the Austin Police Department have to service those who do not speak English? 
Language Line.

Q: Racing seemed to have recently increased. Any updates?
A: Uptick in speed racing has occurred. Racing used to take place on 183 now has moved to 130.


2018 WNA Meetings – Continued Construction at Redeemer through August.

Recommendation of Shu Shu and Genuine Joes as an alternative meeting location until the construction is wrapped up. Public meeting spaces such as libraries or parks also recommended.


David called the meeting to close at 7:57 pm