Traffic Calming Proposal – Current State

Presently we’ve submitted our neighborhood preferences for traffic calming to our city council member representative Leslie Pool, which includes traffic calming on Fairfield. Michael Joseph Gaudini is our point person on this issue in her office.

The Transportation Department first has to put together a proposal to make a bulk purchase of the calming devices, which Council will then approve in the next few months. After that, they’ll get to work installing all of the devices, though they don’t know yet how they’ll prioritize the installation scheduling.

How do I get rid of…?

What Do I Do With… is an A to Z guide to recycling, reusing, composting and more.

If you’re cleaning out your garage or storage of old paint, chemicals or other “hazardous” stuff, keep in mind that they shouldn’t go into bulk pickup or regular collection.

The city’s hazardous waste collection center is open:
– at 2514 Business Center Drive, Austin, TX 78744
– Tues & Wed 10am-6pm
– Saturday 7am-noon
While you’re there, check out the facility’s Reuse Store, which stocks free donated paint, cleaning products, fertilizer, automotive fluids and other chemicals.

There’s more…
Household hazardous waste information

Bulk pickup information
Note that there are three categories that should be separated for most effective pickup (metal, tires, non-metal).