July 9, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

Wooten Elementary School Library
President David Bouchard called the meeting to Order

Approval of July Minutes

Motion was made to approve minutes motion was second. Motion passed.

Officer Elections

David Bouchard was nominated for the officer position of President. Motion for David Bouchard as president was made, motion was second and motion passed.

Marilyn Rogers was nominated for the officer position of Treasurer. Motion for Marilyn Rogers as Treasurer was made, motion was second and motion passed.

Donny Goff was nominated for the position of Secretary. Motion of Donny Goff as Secretary was made, motion was second and motion passed.

No nominations for Vice-President were made. Dixie Davis will remain in the Officer position of Vice-Chair until nomination is made and approved.


The following topic were discussed by the Wooten Neighborhood Association members:

Treasurer report provided by Marilyn Rogers. Call for membership dues.
Parks Update by Joanne Garret
Austin Police Department Update by Officer Chapman and Commander Mason
Good News by Joanne Garret and David Bouchard and Dixie Davis


Wooten Neighborhood Planning Contact Team (WNPCT) notice of meeting by Adam Turner. Meeting to be held on Monday July 16th at 7:00pm at Shu Shu’s.

David Bouchard Adjourn the meeting.

January 8, 2018 -Meeting Minutes

Redeemer Lutheran School Cafeteria
President David Bouchard Presiding 
Meeting called to order at 7:07pm

Approve Minutes

Dave called for approval of minutes
Dave Tomlinson moved
Joanne Garret second the motion
Motion passed

City Council Updates – Michael Gaudini (policy advisor, Council Member Leslie Pool)

  1. Council Meets in February to onboard new City Manager, Spencer Cronk
  2. Negotiation of a new police contract is underway between Police Association and City Council
  3. Deadline for CodeNext has been extended
  4. 2016 bond projects are currently developing a timeline and prioritizing. Website with information about 2016 bond progress and timeline, http://capitalprojects.austintexas.gov/projects
  5. Topics Council is considering :
    1. Parks
    2. Affordability Housing
    3. Flooding

Question and Answer with Michael

Q: Is there an update on Sidewalks?
A: There are some sidewalks planned for Wooten nearby the elementary.

Treasury Update – Marilyn Rogers

  1. Treasury Report
    1. 18 paid members as of the last meeting.
    2. General fund, $1,884.58
    3. Park fund, 5,723.81
    4. Petty Cash, $25
    5. $25 dollar donation to park fund
  2.  Membership calendar is 10/1/17 to 9/30/18
    1. 18 paid members as of the last meeting.

Park Updates – Laura Tomlinson

Discussion and planning for construction of pavilion and benches in the park is underway  The Austin Park Found grant is expected to be distributed around Spring of 2018.

Neighborhood Events

  1. Caroling and Cocoa held on December 17, 2017 was a success
    1. Approximately $180.00 raised.
    2. Thank You to our generous sponsors!
      1. Genuine Joe’s Coffee House
      2. American Party Rental
      3. Arian’s Market
  2. Request for volunteers to plan a Wootennany for winter 2018.

Good News

  1. Wooten Curbside Composting
    1. If you want to support curbside composting for Wooten then sign up with Dixie Davis, Vice President of Wooten Neighborhood Association.
    2. Based on a neighborhood-wide survey, over 40 people are interested in the composting service
    3. A letter of interest was sent to Austin Resource Recovery.
  2. Suggestions for Wooten neighborhood projects
    1. Newsletter – a goal of distributing in spring, request for volunteers.
    2. Meals on Wheels and More – volunteers to help elderly residents sign-up for services.
    3. Promote Wooten Neighborhood Association meetings through ads or flyers. Any other recommendations?

Austin Police Department Updates – Officer Chapman & Commander Mason

  1. Officer Mason commended APD staff for the quick and skillful response to an emergent situation in the nearby area resulting in saving the life of women.
  2. Dollar Generals in Austin have been targets of robberies.
  3. Personal burglaries tend to be concentrated East of I-35.
  4. Car burglaries tend to occur along the I-35 corridor.

Question and Answer with Officers Chapman and Mason

Q: Request for an update regarding an increase in gunshots and fireworks since New Years.
A: Officer Chapman has flagged the area for more patrol cars. Wooten Park and off of Putnam seem to have high rates of complaints. Fewer patrol units on the roads due to the decrease in patrol cars.

Q: What is the schedule for when the patrol cars will be back on the road?
A: Output of 20 cars per week of both marked and unmarked. Should take another 4-6 months.

Q: Any insight into the reasoning for the increase in gunshots and fireworks.
A: Not at this time.

Q: Do Police always show up when there is a call about shooting?
A: Varies depending on what is being reported and the volume of other higher priority calls.

Q: Three situations have occurred where gun casings were found. How does this impact the case?
A: This influences the investigators.

Q: How do related calls get tracked?
A: Case numbers from multiple calls in the same area will be merged.

Q: Can we have more information about the volume of these issues?
A: We will look into asking our crime analyst to look into creating a report regarding crimes in the area.

Q: Request for update on the ticketing of homeless under 183.
A: TXDoT organizing the cleanups under 183. There are efforts underway to finalize MOU which would allow APD to enforce rules this area. Reassurance that there is a continued effort to get services to the homeless in this area.

Q: Is Zoe’s Place still open?
A: A “For Lease” sign is up however residents are still in the building.

Wooten Neighborhood Planning Contact Team (WNPCT)- Adam Turner

Next meeting is Monday, January 15th at SLAB BBQ. Meetings are always the following Monday after the neighborhood association meeting. WNPCT established approximately 7 to 8 years ago.

The following agenda items were tabled due to time constraints. 

2018 WNA Meetings – possible room change due to Redeemer Construction April – August. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:08.

November 13, 2017 – meeting minutes

Redeemer Lutheren School Cafeteria
President David Bouchard Presiding 
Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

Approval of Minutes

David called for approval of the minutes
Steven Rodgers moved to approved
Dave Thompson second the motion

APD Updates with Officer Chapman and Officer Mason

Crime overall is done however recommendation to lock cars was made as thefts from automobiles have been occuring at a rate of one per day. The officers did provide an update on a fatal shooting which occured in the community.

Question and Answer with Officers Chapman and Mason

Q: Where there Gun shots at Olen and Burnet?
A: Indviduals at a party heard gun shots.  Five units responded to report and checked out the area. Shell caseings were not found or anyother evidence of gun fire. Could possibly be a car back fire.

Q: Is there an update on the facility at 8007 Burnet Road?
A: There is a rumor that the facility is not having their lease renewed past December. The Abatement officer has no case at this time.

City Council Update with Michael Gaudini policy advisor to Lesile Pool

Michael provided an update on the 2016 Bond dollars and mentioned that at this time sidewalk fixes for Wooten seem likely. There is likely to be community engagement around what other projects need to be done. Some projects that have already been noted, such as

  • Putnam traffic calming
  • Pedstrian safety on Gault

For additional information about the 2016 Mobility Bond and to sign up for notification, see this website: https://data.austintexas.gov/stories/s/2016-Mobility-Bond/9krn-a66r/
Domain area is being developed to include additional train stations and improved service to walnut trail area.

Utility bills have spiked for some clients. Recommendation to regularly check bill for any unusual prices. There is an App you can use to better communicate with Austin Energy. If there is an issue then an administative adjustment can be made or a hearing can be requested.

Amazon was not given an incentive from City Council to move to Austin. The Chamber of Commerce submitted a regional plan.

Question and Answer with Michael

Q: General quesions about various improvement projecs such as a flag near Genuine Joe’s and the speed cushions on Kramar.
A: No updates on either project at this time. Signs should be posted to indicate if any work is planned.

Q What is the name of the App to better communitcate with Austin Energy?
A: DropCountr App

WNA Treasure Update with Marilyn Rodgers

General fund: $1,799.58
Park fund: $5,518.18
Petty cash: $25.00

Dues to renew membership should be paid this month. Payment can be processed in person at the meeting with checks or cash or through the website.

Park Updates with Joanna Garrett

30 people showed up for It’s My Park Day. Facebook has before and after photos which demostrate how much was a accomplished.

Question and Answer with Joanne

Q: Is there a start date for the work with the Pavillion
A: Unknown at this time

Good News

While Wooten was not selected for the composting pilot, additional neighborhoods will be selected in Summer 2018. Neighborhoods bordering Wooten were selected so the selection of Wooten might be likely in the next round as the composting routes would not have to be greatly altered.

Nina from Shoal Creek Conservancy provided an update on the Shoal Creek trail plan. The trail will become a continuous path from 35th street to the Domain. This is a 13 miles extension. To leave public comments and see the planned trail visit the following website, http://www.shoalcreekconservancy.org/trailplan/

Mark Gayson stopped by to say thank you for the support of the AISD Bond. The next step is ensuring they maintain the trust of the community.

Caroling and Coco will occur on 12/10/2017.

The Wooten Neighborhood Planning Contact Team (WNPCT) at Lebowski Grill next Monday at 7:00pm.

Question and Answer with Nina from Shoal Creek Conservancy

Q: How Far does Shoal Creek go?
A: Farther than it seems. Some of it is underground.

Q: What will the surface of the trail be?
A: Design challenges exist around surfacing. Feedback has demonstrated a desire for a smooth surface but impervious cover is an issue.

Q: Will the trail be used for leisure or commuter purposes?
A:  Both, the intension is that it will be useful to many different types of people for many different reasons.

David adjorn the meeting at 8:00pm