Wooten Neighborhood Plan Contact Team

The Wooten Neighborhood Plan Contact Team:
Ryan Nill, chairman
Joanne Garrett, vice-chair
Steve Rogers, secretary
Brian Mater, attendance keeper

The Wooten neighborhood has both a neighborhood association and a planning contact team. They are separate in structure and purpose, but are also strongly connected in their effort to protect and conserve the neighborhood.

About the Neighborhood plan

In 1997, the City of Austin started to form neighborhood plans. By 2003 the role of the teams was established by ordinance, and in 2008 the process was codified. Today the city has 31 contact teams. Wooten is one of those.

The role of the contact team is to provide input on setting city planning priorities and to make recommendations to city staff on amendments. It also allows out-of-cycle amendments and receives notice of those amendments.

There are no dues. The team meets on the second Monday of even-numbered months, typically at a neighborhood eating establishment or online. There are four positions: chairman, vice chairman, secretary, and attendance keeper.

The team wants representation from property owners, residential renters, business owners, and any neighborhood members who rent or own property in Wooten. This contact team is an insurance policy for our neighborhood, representing us if neighborhood-based intervention is needed on the neighborhood plan or its amendments.

Neighborhood plans and resources may be viewed online at https://www.austintexas.gov/page/neighborhood-plans-and-resources

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