Dig your park – help plant trees Nov. 16

Wooten Neighborhood Park is destined to become much shadier.

TreeFolks and Urban Forestry will bring around 70+ five gallon native trees and small saplings to provide shade and wildlife habitat, and to reduce water runoff. Planting smaller trees will enable us to restore native tree and shrub diversity during drought as well as retain water and improve water quality in Austin’s waterways.

And Wooten neighbors can support the effort by helping TreeFolks plant and mulch, and cheering on the volunteers.

Can you join in the fun? To volunteer, sign up at http://www.treefolks.org/volunteer-opportunities/
Scroll down to Planting Trees in Austin and select Wooten Park.

Saturday, November 16
9am – noon
Wooten Neighborhood Park
Burrell @ Dale Drive

Here’s a flyer with more information.

Wear long pants and closed-toed shoes, bring gloves and implements if you wish (shovel, pitchfork, rake for mulching, etc.), or use the tools TreeFolks will provide.

Even if you can’t dig, drop by and cheer on the volunteers. It’s your park, and these improvements are for everyone. If all goes well, someday they’ll shade an extended walking/jogging path.