Wooten and city council redistricting

As the new Austin voting districts are determined for 10-1, Wooten could share a district either with neighborhoods mostly to the north to become a Hispanic Opportunity District, or with other North Central neighborhoods that border Burnet Road. Each option has advantages for us.

Time is running out to voice a consolidated opinion to the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC), so WNA President Chris Gregory has called a special meeting to discuss the options, show proposed districting maps, and enable eligible WNA members* to vote on whether to support a resolution that would group us with our Burnet Road neighbors, as well as whether to support a draft of a map that would put us in District 7.

Monday, October 28
Redeemer Lutheran library, 1500 West Anderson Lane
(Enter the gate at the south side of the building that faces the Burrell-side parking lot. The library is the first door on the left inside the gate.)

Past President Seaufy Peg Frey wrote this explanation for the last newsletter:

* According to the bylaws, voting is open to WNA members who joined at least 30 days prior to the vote.

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  1. The proposed map does not make sense to me. We are excluded from adjacent neighborhoods with which we have common interests, including North Shoal Creek and Crestview. I know we have a high hispanic population, mainly because of the apartments along Wooten Park Dr. and a few others in the hood. Unfortunately these draw a lot of crime into our neighborhoods and nearby neighborhoods, not because the residents are minorities, but because they are run by slumlords. By being grouped into District 4, will this provide more of an opportunity for affordable housing that allows residents to have pride in their community? I hope so. As it stands, I feel like we are excluded just like we are in other ways. The fact that we can’t use the Car2Go is just one example that stands out in my mind. I would like to hear arguments for both sides, but I do not support begin grouped into district 4 as it stands.

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