January 8th Meeting Minutes

Parks Committee  Update

It’s My Park Day will be on March 2nd 2024 at 9 am. We will be 

  • Mulching trees
  • Filling in trail with rocks
  • Potentially planting new plants

We get $250 for everything other than Mulch, which is free. 

Contact Team Update

Steven updated the NA on the status on the rezoning for the triangle where the Pink Gorilla, Bingo Hall, Planet Fitness and Hobby Lobby are located. The City Council will review and likely update the Future Land Use Map, and then the owners will seek a rezoning. 

Related to this rezoning, on 11/30 City Council voted to add the Dale connection between Anderson Square Gault street to the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan, this will allow access to the future site by neighbors that do not require them to get on 183 or Anderson Lane. 

Timothy Bray said that there are many conversations going on at the city due to the fact that this parcel is right next to (or at) a future Project Connect Light Rail Station. 

Council Member Update

Sandra emailed Chito’s office about:

  • Street lights at Spearfield, got their light replaced after 2 years, Kromer/Fairfied got a new light
  • Trying to get APD representatives to meetings. After several attempts by NA no response from APD.
  • Code Issue concerns at Real Estate School. There is an ongoing case. They have a site plan for redevelopment dating from 2022. 
  • Burnt out house on Putnam is at Legal Escalation team, their is currently a demolition order, but valid permits untill 2025. 
  • Following up with Homelessness issues raised by Mary Lou. If there are concerns we need to provide details so they can be appropriately prioritized, i.e. size of group, presence of Children.

Timothy Bray from Council Member’s office Reported on Low Water Pressure

Austin water is looking at some specific valves and are asking people to call 311 to report. By the end of February they will do some inspections and likely will have follow ups at March meeting. 

Brian from Lazy lane. 

  • Too many parked cars along Lazy Lane from Toyota Dealer and Enterprise Car Rental employees
  • Also Colfax and Burnet for a repair shp 
  • Asked about Residential Parking Permits
  • Intersections are occupied and may be able to block emergency vehicles. 
  • In the past we have been able to talk to them and they have used less parking. 

Abandoned No parking Sign

  • Probably from bankrupt google fiber contractor
  • Someone suggested that they move to Lazy. 

Check in on dangerous brindle dogs

  • No update
  • Notes for how to respond pinned on Facebook and on website. 

Cold Weather Shelter

  • A neighbor asked where the Nearest one was and No one is sure.

Holiday Contest

7 participants in Holiday decorating contest.

  • 2007 Wooten is the winner
  • 8110 Burrell
  • 1506 San Carlos
  • Pictures will hopefully go up on the website soon. 
  • Steve makes a motion to get a $25 gift card for 
  • Patty Seconded.
  • Unanimous consent from the members. 

There was also a Holiday Wootenanny at Nosh & Bevy. 

LIkely do another one in February or March. 

New Business

Question about new water meters

  • Green Lid is owner shut off
  • Check water shut offs in preparation of freeze 

Potential next meeting ideas

– Austin Water folks suggested by Brian

– Living Street and Safe Street Alliance for folks interested in using those programs.