More Railroad Crossing signs!

Nothing makes Wooten residents more upset than seeing a vehicle trying to cross the neighborhood where no road or crossing exist. Unfortunately, neighbors have become accustom to seeing vehicles trying to get to the other side of the neighborhood at a railroad crossing located near Wooten Drive and Burrell Drive. The crossing, as depicted below, is intended for only pedestrians and cyclists to get to the other side of Wooten without having to go through the busy streets of Anderson or Ohlen.

Unfortunately, vehicles see the crossing as a road due to the limited signs. But fear not! We finally are getting a resolution from the city.

Recently, the City of Austin and Capital Metro have begun working on addressing this issue. They will increase signage in both quantity and scale. The former provides additional warning and the latter begins to limit the access to the sidewalk without restricting pedestrian activity. The image below shows where the new signage will be found.

Thanks to Curry Lemon and Aimee Turner for getting this details and helping to keep the neighborhood safe! We’ll update with more information as it comes available.

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