Volunteer Opportunity: The Environmental Voter Project


The Environmental Voter Project is a nonprofit, nonpartisan effort to get more environmentalists to vote in every election. EVP works to get out the environmental vote to make sure that elected officials pay attention to environmental concerns. EVP does not endorse particular candidates or tell people how to vote, but instead works in a nonpartisan fashion to make sure environmentalists vote for and hold accountable candidates that share their priorities.

If you want clean air, water, good green jobs, and action on climate change, you might be interested in volunteering. It’s easy! Volunteers make phone calls or send text messages to people who care about the environment. Volunteers make sure that environmentalists’ voter registration is updated, they have applied for and received a mail-in ballot if appropriate, and that they are aware of early voting and election dates and know their polling locations. If you are interested in mobilizing the environmental vote, click here to find out more and sign up to volunteer!