Covid-19 Information Resources for Austin

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed all our lives in the past few months. Some people have lost loved ones, many have been confined to their homes, others have to work outside the home under stressful conditions. Having reliable local information about the pandemic can help us make good decisions, and Austin has some excellent resources:

  • Information about testing and summary data for Austin are available on the Covid-19 information page.
  • We can assess the progress of the pandemic in zip code 78757 by checking the Travis County Surveillance dashboard.
  • The same website also features Key Indicators for Staging used by the city to determine the need for closures and restrictions.
  • For state-wide information, The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit news website, has a prominent section on “CORONAVIRUS IN TEXAS” which provides in-depth reporting as well as granular data about the cases, deaths, and testing in the map tracker.

Timely information is important because the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t progressing at a steady rate. Hot spots emerge, get under control, and then flare up again. As the pandemic waxes and wanes over the next months, we can use the linked resources to stay up-to-date about how it is affecting our community.