July 10, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

The mid-summer meeting of the Wooten Neighborhood Association took place on July 10. Here’s what you missed.

Wooten Neighborhood Association meeting -July 10, 2017
Redeemer Lutheran Cafeteria
 President Melinda Taylor preceding

Approval of minutes 
Melinda called for approval of the May minutes. Steve Rodgers motioned for approval. Minutes were approved.

Good News

  • August 4th is the next It’s My Park Day.
  • There was positive feedback regarding guidance on how to protest property tax.
  • There will be a parade to celebrate July 4th

Update from Officer Chapman

  • Homeless clean up scheduled for the 183 overpass on July 11 and the following Thursday. Due to planned construction in the area, a more permanent solution for homeless people in the area is being considered.
  • Complaints of criminal trespassing in the area near Zoe’s Place has increased due to nearby businesses reporting the issue to authorities more frequently.

Question and Answer with Officer Chapman

Q: What is criminal trespassing?
A: It is a Class B misdemeanor and allows agents to take action on behalf of businesses or landowners and remove individuals who are not supposed to be there.

Q: How are the belongings of the homeless dealt with during the clean-up?
A: The homeless are allowed to keep their possessions, however, if the items are not claimed then they are removed by TXDot. Homeless individuals are asked to move their belongings. Usually, arrests do not occur during the cleanup. Arrests occur when a homeless individual will not comply with a request.

Q: Are there any lessons learned a recent home burglary?
A: If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Officer Chapman at (512) 974-4705. Please report events. Reporting event will help Austin Police Department identify hot spots. Other numbers to report or request assistance from are 311 or 411.

Update from City Council

Micheal Gaudini with Leslie Pool’s office was not able to attend this meeting, however, Melinda spoke to the topics Micheal usually reports on:

  • Code Next
  • Process for beginning traffic calming

 Park Update with Hannah Frankle

Several updates to the park have been made such as a gravel walkway, two new water fountains and the sandbox received new sand.

The Austin Park Foundation Grant was approved! The grant includes new sidewalks, shade pavilion, and park benches. Ground breaking should occur in Fall. Money must be spent in one year. The number of park benches should double because of this grant.

Question/Answer and Comments with Hannah

Those who were at the meeting expressed gratitude to the parks committee. It was acknowledged that a lot of effort by the parks committee members, Hannah, Joanne, and Laura, made this grant possible. A parks committee member mentioned that additional support from community members helped demonstrate community investment to the Austin Park Foundation.

It was noted that with the increase with park benches an increase in the trashcans in the area is also important.

Closing Comments

  • Please drop off school supplies at 8006 Burrell.
  • Neighborhood Plan Contact Team will meet next Monday at 7:00 pm at SLAB BBQ.
  • Next meeting we are voting in new officers.

Melinda called the meeting to a close at 7:59 pm.