WNA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, 2/10/15

Wooten Neighborhood Association


Minutes from the WNA Executive Committee Meeting, February 10, 2015


Members present: President Chris Gregory, Vice President Adam Turner, Treasurer Victor Engel, Secretary Marissa Latta.

The meeting was called by President Chris Gregory regarding North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association’s “Resolution Against Rezoning of Crump/Gordon Property; Zoning Case: C14-2014-0157 (8528 Burnet Rd.).”

Chris called the meeting to order at 6:08pm.

Kevin Weir of the North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association has been soliciting support from other nearby neighborhood associations for NSCNA’s resolution against the rezoning of the old auto shop property along the west side of Burnet Road, just south of Rockwood Lane.

Adam voiced his support for lower density multifamily developments, which the resolution supports in its final paragraphs (suggesting MF-3 and MF-4 housing, rather than the proposed high-density MF-6).

Victor asked if other area neighborhood associations had already signed on, and Chris said he was not sure at this time.

Chris emphasized that the Executive Committee’s decision tonight was whether or not to support the resolution as it is worded, rather than to revise the document or support it only in part.

A vote was held, and the Executive Committee officers unanimously supported the resolution.

Chris suggested saying that the “Wooten Neighborhood Association Executive Committee” supports the resolution, rather than the “Wooten Neighborhood Association,” as there was not time to call a full meeting of the neighborhood to vote on supporting the resolution. The officers agreed.

Adam said that this was really a Wooten Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (WNPCT) issue, rather than a WNA issue. Chris said he thought it was still appropriate for WNA to provide input and support on the matter. Adam suggested emailing Josh Merritt, the WNPCT president, to let him know that WNA has supported the resolution and offer that WNPCT could comment as well.

Chris said he plans for this issue to be the first agenda item for next month’s WNA meeting on March 9. If City Council is still debating the issue of approving this zoning change at that time, a vote will be taken of neighbors present on whether to offer continued support for the resolution.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:27pm.