Next neighborhood meeting: Monday, Sept 12


Wooten Neighborhood Association meets Monday, September 12 at 7pm. Please come! WNA members in good standing will vote on our next slate of officers.

The meeting will be held in the Redeemer cafeteria. Door opens into the parking lot that faces Burrell, on the corner of Anderson.

The agenda also will include reports about neighborhood events, safety and crime, and Wooten Park activities. We usually hear from our District 7 councilmember’s office, and our police District Representative Judson Chapman — along with lots of other news from neighbors. (Scroll down to read the minutes from the last meeting.)

WNA officer elections at the September meeting

As past WNA President Chris Gregory stated eloquently at the end of his term:
“WNA is a group of good (and interesting, funny, and caring) people who happily welcome all neighbors into their group and make them feel that they are a part. If you have thought about serving WNA as an officer, or becoming a member, please consider joining us at our September meeting when we elect officers.”

Officer duties:

  • The president runs WNA meetings and arranges for guest speakers, attending other meetings occasionally when issues of concern (such as nearby development) come up in the larger community. Also receives mail from the city concerning nearby developments.
  • The vice president fills in for the president when needed to run meetings and possibly attends other meetings to gather information.
  • The treasurer collects dues, records attendance, invoices newsletter advertisers, and keeps our legal status with the state up-to-date.
  • The secretary takes the minutes of the meetings and posts them to, and maintains the member roster.

If you are interested in running for office, contact

Neighborhood Plan Contact Team meeting, Sept 19

Reminder: Wooten Neighborhood Plan Contact Team meets Monday, September 19 at 7 pm at Shu Shu’s. We’ll catch up on administrative / paperwork stuff, review any new notices from the city, and work on putting a plan in place for collecting feedback from our neighbors on ranking the priorities outlined in our 2004 Neighborhood Plan with the city.

Traffic Calming Proposal – Current State

Presently we’ve submitted our neighborhood preferences for traffic calming to our city council member representative Leslie Pool, which includes traffic calming on Fairfield. Michael Joseph Gaudini is our point person on this issue in her office.

The Transportation Department first has to put together a proposal to make a bulk purchase of the calming devices, which Council will then approve in the next few months. After that, they’ll get to work installing all of the devices, though they don’t know yet how they’ll prioritize the installation scheduling.

Perk Up Wooten Park


Wooten Park is in need of a shade structure in order to allow parents relief from Austin’s notorious sun while watching their children at the adjacent playground, and improved trash amenities to help keep the park clean.

Donate Now!

Wooten Park is a beloved asset in the heart of a diverse neighborhood that contains no other public space.  For the many nearby residents who live in large apartment complexes, the park is the only natural space accessible to them.  Ours is a neighborhood with many young families, recent immigrants, and low-cost apartment complexes.  Wooten Elementary School, which borders the park,  serves a student body composed of 92.8% economically disadvantaged students and 80% English language learners.  Park access is crucial for child development, physical fitness, and improved mental health, making it all the more important for neighborhoods whose residents are already under significant economic and social stress.

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