March 2008 WNA minutes


President Danny Langfield called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm. Christina Muller, a personal fitness trainer, from “Passionately Fit”, sponsored the meeting.

Jim Bedrich moved to accept the minutes of the January 14, 2008 WNA meeting. Debbie Danforth seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Carolyn Spock reported for Janie Riley that WNA has $1,295.92, and 31 paid members.

Ad hoc committee reports;

Danny explained the structure of the committees. The Ad-hoc Committees act as an advisory to the Executive Committee, and propose recommendations. The Executive Committee is to be held accountable for ideas stated to the general membership.

· Technology – Victor Engel: The front page of the WNA website is new. It contains information of the next meeting, contact people, map of our boundaries, and minutes. The forum and yahoo groups can be accessed from this main page. The email list has been removed. Members are encouraged to use the yahoo group as a vehicle for sharing information. Victor should be notified if members are registered with the yahoo group. Victor will give a tutorial about posting to the forum to the Executive Committee and committee chairs.
· Budget and Finance – Janie Riley: (no report)
· Crime and Code Enforcement – Adam Turner: He is fielding emails re noise in the area. Members should note dates, times, and address of disturbance. Call APD or 311. Some people have approached the violators directly. Contact Adam via the Web page. Christina Muller filed a complaint form on-line to report a situation, and said it is easy to complete. Steve Rogers reminded the audience that effective March 30, the Wooten NA area would be under the police of Baker Sector, rather than Ida. Boundaries of sectors were changed at the department level.
· Social and Fundraising – Sarah Reams: She is looking for volunteers for the Social Committee. Some activities proposed for fundraising events are a car wash, garage sale, craft sale, coupon book, and having a restaurant give a percentage of proceeds to the WNA on a specified evening.
· Membership – Betsy Thaggard: A plan was proposed to hand deliver flyers to each house within the boundaries of the WNA. May 1 is the designated evening to stuff the mailers. The itemized budget allotment for Membership is only $500, which is insufficient to cover a direct mailing. The recruitment plan also includes asking each member to bring a neighbor, calling those without email on the phone, and distributing a printed handout. A possible solution is the redeployment of yard signs. Dale Ritzen was asked to look at the current locations. Sarah Reams suggested finding sponsors for new yard signs. Imron Goldstein reported that Zingers hardware store has been supportive of neighborhood efforts, and may be a source to approach for funds.
· Community Relations – Marilyn Rogers: She reported that the new library being built on Steck had to postpone its opening date to January 2009 due to the roofing contractor quitting the project. Clean Sweep activities will be on Saturday April 5. Neighborhoods are encouraged to fix an eyesore in their areas with supplies being provided by the City of Austin.
· Transportation – Beverly Kimbrough: This committee is being reinstated. Adam Turner requested monitoring of pedestrian safety at the rail crossing at Anderson and Wooten.

Old business concerned the Website WNA needs one place where people can go for information. Comments, and inquiries should be posted to yahoo group, and considered the primary source of communication. Yahoo automatically gets forwarded to your home email if the user requests that option. The Forum is more topic-oriented, and considered more permanent. Go to the Forum for information on various topics.

Christina Muller was introduced to the group. She is a personal fitness trainer at “Passionately Fit”, located at 38th and Lamar. Her business helps with strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and muscles. She sponsored this meeting because she cares about the neighborhood.

New business items included yard parking, mobile food application, and committee recruitment.

Yard Parking: Vice-President Carolyn Spock investigated Wooten Neighborhood’s current status re restricted parking in yards. Our Association’s boundaries are “in” until we “opt-out”. No further paperwork needs to be filed.
Committee Recruitment: President Danny Langfield recruited members to serve on the various committees. The committee chairs (x) will serve their terms for the remainder of our fiscal year to be joined by:
Technology: (Victor Engel) Betsy Thaggard, Carolyn Spock
Budget: (Janie Riley)
Crime and Code Enforcement: (Adam Turner) Steve Rogers, Victor Engel, Andy Casey
Social and Fundraising: (Sarah Reams) Laura Langfield, Imron Goldstein, Debbie Danforth
Membership: (Betsy Thaggard) Danny Langfield, Marilyn Rogers, Joanne Clem
Community Relations: (Marilyn Rogers) Elaine Granoff, Carolyn Spock and Adam Turner
Transportation: (Beverly Kimbrough) Steve Rogers, Joanne Clem
Mobile Food Vendors: President Danny Langfield explained that WNA could apply to the City to have extra limitations put on where food vendors can have their business, based on the time of operation, and how close they are to homes. All vendors must be licensed by the Health Department. The application is due March 11, and must be accompanied by a copy of the WNA minutes, and an affidavit from the President of WNA. This application can be resubmitted in February 2009. Marilyn Rogers moved to postpone filing this application until January 2009 to study the various mobile food vendor locations in our neighborhoods, and document possible violators. Ginny Vragel seconded this motion. The motion to postpone filing was carried by majority.
Open Discussion: Elaine Granoff expressed that the value of the neighborhood decreases with people parking in their yards. Also, mention was made of noise ordinances in the City re musicians playing in their homes.

Betsy Thaggard motioned to adjourn the business meeting, seconded by Adam Turner. The motion was approved, and the meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Guest speakers were Steve Ramirez and staff from the City of Austin Code Enforcement Department. They presented a 20-minute video on what code violations look like, and responded during a question and answer session.

Next meeting is scheduled for May 12, 2008 at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Rogers
WNA Secretary

January 2008 WNA minutes

President Danny Langfield called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm. Mi Tienda sponsored the meeting.

Dale Ritzen moved to accept the minutes of the November 12, 2007 WNA meeting. Betsy Thaggard seconded the motion. Janie Riley noted a correction that the Treasurer reported a balance of $655.32. The minutes were approved as corrected. Treasurer Janie Riley reported that WNA has $750.32, and 27 paid members. Ad hoc committee reports;· Technology – Victor Engel: needs help with website, particularly with items to report. Imron Goldstein volunteered his housemate at a potential helper.· Budget and Finance – Janie Riley: tracking how expenditures go according to the Budget.· Crime and Code Enforcement – Adam Turner: He is in regular contact with Officer Lee Davis. Members are to submit their concerns to Adam who will collect concerns that need addressing and collaborate solutions with Officer Davis. Members were encouraged to call the APD District Representatives (DRs) for a free home security check. Victor Engel expressed concern over the increase in serious crimes in our area. Laverne Stauffer is concerned about criminal activities in the parking lot at St. Louis Church. · Social and Fundraising – Sarah Reams: no report.· Membership – Betsy Thaggard: Betsy encouraged members to join the yahoo group ( to share information about concerns and interests in the neighborhood. To build our membership, bring a neighbor to the meetings, and add business members.· Community Relations – Marilyn Rogers: will continue to send announcements re matters that concern our community to members via email. Old business concerned the new library being built on Steck Ave. Beverly Kimbrough encouraged members to suggest a name for the new library. Send Marilyn Rogers all suggestions to be forwarded to the City. New business items included an update on WNA’s website, restricted parking, budget overview, and sponsorship updates.

  1. Website Update: Victor Engel has set up as a clearinghouse for all information for the Wooten NA. It should be ready for testing in 7-10 days. Members were encouraged to sign up for the listserve and/or forum. Imron Goldstein remarked that he knows a handful of people who don’t have computers, and maybe the Membership Committee could get information to those members by phone.
  2. Restricted Parking: President Danny Langfield received a reminder from the City to re-new WNA’s commitment to enforce the no lawn-parking ordinance. Steve Rogers reviewed the history of WNA’s involvement. Initially, WNA did not opt-in because of the perceived infringement on personal rights. In 2006, WNA opted-in after an incident arose and it was to the benefit of the neighborhood in requesting assistance from the Austin Police Department. Beverly Kimbrough lives in an old neighborhood that does not have adequate space for parking. Officer Davis reminded members that the restricted parking ordinance is enforced only when a citizen files a complaint. Police do not survey the neighborhoods looking for violators. A motion was made by Adam Turner to opt-in again, and seconded by Janie Riley. The motion passed by majority.
  3. Budget: President Danny Langfield gave an overview of the budget. Income is generated through memberships and sponsorships. Expenses incurred are purchase of the domain name for the website, signage to acknowledge sponsors and meeting announcements, copies and supplies, and 20% for reserve. Dale Ritzen requested that the budget be posted.
  4. Sponsorship Updates: Christina Muller, a personal fitness trainer, offered to sponsor the March meeting for $250.

Steve Rogers motioned to adjourn the business meeting, seconded by Victor Engel. The motion was approved, and the meeting adjourned at 7:44 pm. Guest speakers were John Michael Cortez, Capital Metro (CMTA) Commuter Rail representative; Officer Lee Davis, WNA’s District Representative from the Austin Police Department (APD); and Ken Weiss, candidate for Place 3 on the City Council. Mr. Cortez reported that 32 miles of the Commuter Rail would be operating between Leander and the Convention Center in the Fall 2008. He reviewed the stops and distributed a handout on safety. These vehicles are currently being stored north of Burnet and 183 and are being tested at night. Questions from the members revolved around: the commuter trains’ compatibility with freight rail; speeds; pedestrian safety; stops; schedule of freight trains; and quad gates. Mr. Cortez responded that commuter rail couldn’t be run at the same time as freight. CMTA is upgrading crossings with quad gates. The WNA is designated as a quiet zone, which means no whistles at crossings. Mr. Cortez could not answer the questions re speeds and the freight line schedule. CTMA is installing fencing in high pedestrian areas. One stop will be located just north of Burnet and 183. Officer Lee Davis is working with Adam Turner through WNA’s Crime and Code Enforcement Committee. The 2008 Resource Manual is available for whom to call for what. Crime has gone up in our area. Officer Davis blamed it on the holiday season. He encouraged members to call APD and schedule a free home security survey. Call 911 to report suspicious characters in the neighborhood. Contact Adam Turner through our website to voice where WNA wants restricted parking enforced, and other complaints about criminal activities and code enforcement issues. Christina Muller wants Crime Watch signs posted in our area. The creation of Neighborhood Watch groups was encouraged. Ken Weiss, a candidate for Place 3 on the Austin City Council, to speak of his positions on the environment, toll roads, and police/fire departments and small business issues. Next meeting scheduled for March 10, 2008 at 7:00 pm. Respectfully submitted,Marilyn RogersWNA Secretary

November 2007 WNA minutes

Minutes of November 12, 2007

President Danny Langfield called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

Guest speaker was Officer Lee Davis, WNA’s District Representative from the Austin Police Department (APD). Officer Davis provided his contact information to the group and encouraged people to use his cell phone number (512-773-2269) if in a dire situation. Wooten NA is in the IDA sector. He explained that calls are prioritized that come through 911 (lost dog vs. family violence). The APD is in a state of reorganization since the new Chief of Police, Acevedo, took office. More information on the restructuring and statistics on criminal activity can be obtained at the Commanders Forum at the Austin Revival Center, 305 Deen Ave., 7-9 pm on Nov 13. The general pattern indicates that in our area violent crimes are down and property crimes are up. Officer Davis described the difference between District Reps and Street Response officers: District Reps coordinate the investigation and work with code enforcement; Street Response makes the bust.
Adam Turner moved to accept the minutes of the September 10, 2007 WNA meeting. Victor Engel seconded the motion. There was no discussion. The minutes were approved as distributed.

Treasurer Janie Riley reported that WNA has $321.75.

President Danny Langfield explained an overview of the meeting procedures. The meeting will be divided into two parts: the business meeting and the neighborhood caucus. Danny will follow the agenda. If any person has an issue to discuss, get on the agenda. The neighborhood caucus will discuss individual matters through various ad hoc committees. If you contact Danny with an individual need, he will direct you to the committee chair.

A Wooten Neighborhood Website has been purchased for five years: Victor Engel will manage the site. Look to this site for minutes of WNA meetings, links, blogs, email to officers, chairs of ad hoc committees, etc. Help in maintaining this site will be welcomed from members.
Ad hoc committees were formed to assist WNA’s President in resolving various issues that arise. Initially, the President is contacted about a problem. The President decides which committee could best address the issue. If the issue is too involved, the problem will be brought before the membership at large. The committees and chairs are:

    • Technology – Victor Engel
    • Budget and Finance – Janie Riley
    • Crime and Code Enforcement – Adam Turner
    • Social and Fundraising
    • Membership – Betsy Thaggard
    • Community Relations – Marilyn Rogers

No old business was discussed.

New business items included information shared by Hope Morrison re the Village Shopping Center. The Village is under new owners who have met with the North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association (NSCNA). This development will be coded for mixed use. Marilyn Rogers will contact NSCNA to send a representative to the WNA January meeting to share this information. Steve Rogers commented that the format of the WNA meetings would be different without scheduled programs, but thought it was nice to have individuals give the lowdown on stuff in the neighborhood through the committees. Imron Goldstein reminded the group that the RG4N Hearing was at the County Courthouse downtown, and requested more information. The Glenn’s invited the membership to their Christmas Caroling Party on Dec 10 at 7:00 pm.

Mr. Glenn motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Debbie Danforth. The motion was approved, and the meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.

The group had an informal discussion after the meeting. The officers provided cookies and drinks.
Next meeting scheduled for January 14, 2007 at 7:00 pm.

The Wooten Neighborhood now has a website. To start out, the website will use WordPress to maintain a blog. Additionally, email addresses have been set up so that you may easily contact the officers. There are two formats for these addresses. You can use either or you can use The titles set up are president, vp, secretary, and treasurer. Additional addresses are postmaster and webmaster. Please check back at this space for news, links, and other resources for the neighborhood.

Victor Engel

September 2007 WNA minutes

Wooten Neighborhood Association
Minutes of 10 September 2007

President Marilyn Rogers called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM
in the Redeemer Lutheran Church cafeteria, starting just as a rain
storm hit the church. She indicated that she would try to end the
meeting by 8:00 so members who wished to might attend part of an
Responsible Growth for Northcross meeting running concurrently.

Our guest speaker for the evening was Jessica Cook, the
Development Manager for Girlstart, whose offices were across Lazy
Lane from Redeemer. She explained that Girlstart exists to help
(primarily) middle school girls keep their interest in math and
science. There are several different programs – Expanding Your
Horizons, a one day workshop in March; Saturday camps, a summer
program, and after-school clubs were described. Most programs accept
girls on a first-come, first-served basis. Many are on scholarships;
some programs are free (supported by grants and donations). Word
about the programs is spread through the web, a network of teachers,
and occasions when they get media exposure on news programs.
Girlstart has not yet tracked the progress of the girls in their
programs due to complexity and cost, but there are plans to do so.
Ms. Cook left brochures and flyers for WNA members to distribute.

Election of Officers
This informative start to our meeting was quickly followed by
the handing out of ballots for an elections of officers for
2007-2008. A membership list was available to help folks remember
whether or not they had paid their dues. President Rogers read the
duties for the officers and asked for nominations from the floor;
there were none. The ballot offered Danny Langfield as President
(currently our Vice-President), Carolyn Spock (currently our
Secretary) or Adam Turner (lives on Villanova, has been a Wooten
resident for ca. 2 years) as Vice-President, Marilyn Rogers
(currently our President) as Secretary, and Janie Riley (long-time
resident, mother of former APD DR Jim Riley) or Victor Engel (set up
Yahoo group and website) as Treasurer. Don Glenn moved that the
nominations close, and a short break was taken as members completed
their ballots and passed them to President Rogers to tally.
The Citizen Communications described below took place before
the election results were announced at 7:24 PM. The new WNA President
will be Danny Langfield, Carolyn Spock will be the new Vice-President
(a close race, with a one-vote majority), Marilyn Rogers will be the
new Secretary, and Janie Riley will be the new Treasurer.

New Business/Citizens’ communications
<>Brandywine Condominiums
Carolyn Mezger, a Brandywine Condominium resident for 24 years
and a board member there, said that the residents were having
problems with neighbors who are ignoring the yard parking ban. They
have complained to the authorities, but the cars are gone during the
day when the property is checked. Also, a neighbor at Contour and
Ohlen isn’t keeping his grass cut, and has an accumulation of limbs
there, too. In addition, the condos have had difficulties with trucks
parking in the Albertson’s lot pushing through the fence and
landscaping. Kay Vargas at the North Central Command office has
indicated that APD is pretty intensely focused on the high-crime area
at Rundberg and Lamar; Code Enforcement hasn’t been responsive. Ms.
Mezger hoped that WNA would write a letter in support of clearing up
these problems. V-P Langfield noted that our association does cover a
large area; he asked if any of the condo’s officers were WNA members
(she wasn’t sure, but remembered that their board president, Scotty
McNutt, had come to meetings in the past). Some neighbors offered
suggestions about individuals or numbers to call for assistance. At
one time some vagrants had been arrested and the area cleaned up
under the direction of the city. Taking photographs of the offending
properties was suggested; persistence was going to be needed,
particularly with the yard-parking problem. V-P Langfield encouraged
their residents and officers to become involved in WNA.

There was some discussion about the closed Albertson’s store,
how the property was being handled, and what might take its place.
Adam Turner has looked into what business might go into the facility
and has made an effort to see that Albertson’s and property managers
know what is going on there.

Transportation Around Northcross
President Rogers said that Capital Metro was announcing plans
regarding bus stops around Northcross. Currently planned is a
transfer center on the west side of the mall property near the
detention pond, and a pull-out on the north side in front of ABC
Bank. Still under discussion is the east side stop on Burnet Road.
The Allandale Flyer will be able to access the entire parking lot to
drop off and pick up riders.

General Commentary
President Rogers thanked the officers that had served with her
and noted that the minutes for the evening’s meeting would need to be
produced before the change-over at the bank could become official.
The next WNA meeting will be on November 12. Dues will be
payable at that time (dues year starts in October, $5.00 per voting
Danny Langfield commented that the Yahoo group listserv Wooten
NA was a good place to distribute neighborhood information.. V-P
Langfield (soon to be President) said Victor Engel had seemed
interested in getting a WNA website up and running, and that he would
like to appoint some committees and spread out duties (committees
such as the website and Code Enforcement). He will add to the
listserv neighborhood e-mail addresses of those currently not on the
listserv, but it would require a Yahoo ID (free sign-up). This would
make a central hub, but it may get split up so that non-business
commentary (garage sales, etc.) would be posted elsewhere. Steve
Rogers noted that group e-mail messages were to be informational
(info about upcoming meetings, etc.).
Hope Morrison thanked those that had agreed to be nominated for
office. Regarding WNA duties, Steve Rogers commented about the WNA
yard signs that were put up before meetings, and noted that Dale
Ritzen alerted those with signs to put them up. LaVerne Stauffer
calls members without e-mail to tell them about upcoming meetings.
President Rogers thanked all those helpers.
We were reminded again that dues expire at the end of September.
There was no more business. Don Glenn moved to adjourn the
meeting (among several offering the motion); Janie Riley seconded.
The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Carolyn Spock