Crime and Safety

Wooten neighbors are dedicated to keeping the neighborhood safe for all families.

Recent Crime Map

General Tips

  • Get to know your nextdoor neighbors. Exchange names and phone numbers. If you see something suspicious, call them. If you don’t get an answer, see the “Contacting Police” section below.
  • Keep your garage door closed and your house locked, even when home.
  • Keep your car doors locked. Take everything out of sight in your vehicle, including cords for your devices and other electronics. Police advise having the interior “showroom empty.”
    • Don’t leave your empty car running, even for a quick trip inside.
  • Don’t open your door to solicitors. Just let them know you are home by saying through the door “I’m not interested” or put up a NO SOLICITATION sign.
    • Consider investing in a storm door, and keep it locked so you can answer your door more safely.
  • Keep fence gates closed and, preferably, locked. Police and patrols who see an open gate will take the time to check whether an intruder gained access.

Contacting Police

  • Call in anything suspicious, even if we aren’t entirely certain something is wrong.
    • Don’t just post to Facebook or NextDoor. You must call in for police to note it.
  • 911 versus using 311 to make a report,
    • use 311 of a crime is no longer in progress.
    • If in doubt, use 911, and the call can later be downgraded in priority.
  • How to give a suspicious person report.
    • Most useful: gender and race
    • Next most useful: height (use yourself as a guide), weight, and age.
    • For the physical description, work from the head down.  Note hat, hair, sunglasses/glasses, marks, tattoos, shirt / undershirt, etc.  Particularly note anything that stands out as unusual.
    • Note the direction the person was travelling, and the time you last saw them.
  • How to give a suspicious vehicle report:
    • Most useful: make and model
    • Next most useful: then color and number of doors, type of wheels/rims, window tint, any stickers on the vehicle and anything else notable about the vehicle.
  • Do not approach people in a possible crime situation, but call it in and be a good witness.
  • Apparently truant children seen in the neighborhood during a school day – call 311 to report it (unless a crime is in progress); this will achieve a better and quicker response than calling the school, and the police on the scene will handle the situation with the school.

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CLASP crime and safety news

admin : June 5, 2012 8:26 am : News, Safety and crime

CLASP (Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership) brings together volunteers who want to address crime prevention and safety at the neighborhood level.

Read tips and info here.

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Existing Neighborhood Watch signs (as of 1/9/12)

pcolligan : February 27, 2012 8:08 pm : News, Safety and crime

WNA map

Click on a red star to view the existing neighborhood watch sign at that location. Green stars indicate current proposed locations for new signs; grey stars indicate post with sign missing.

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Wooten Watch kickoff

admin : February 20, 2012 10:18 am : Safety and crime

Here’s one handout from the kickoff. Coming soon: more handouts. See, you can still join in.

Here’s the handout.

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Existing Neighborhood Watch signs (1/9/2012)

Claire Simmons : January 9, 2012 1:32 pm : Safety and crime, WNPCT

Click a star to view the sign.

WNA map

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